Evan began his journey into health and human performance starting at the age of 19. Over the course of of the next 4 years he spent every moment learning about human performance, nutrition, the metabolism, and developing his craft as an expert in energy function. As his desire for knowledge continued growing, he started taking interest in training professional athletes. He studied the brilliance of Greg Glassman's mindset, founder of CrossFit, then sought out internships under the visions of Mark Verstegen at Athletes' Performance Institute (Now EXOS) and Mike Boyle of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. 


At the age of 23, Evan followed his passion in becoming a performance coach with the St. Louis Blues Organization; the NHL hometown team he grew up watching. During his 7 years with the St. Louis Blues Organization, Evan had the privilege to be mentored by former St. Louis Blues Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nelson Ayotte. As Evan was working with the St. Louis Blues and their AHL affiliates, the Peoria Rivermen and Chicago Wolves, he started observing the hockey environment from a different perspective. As Evan's main focus was working with prospects, his passion for development grew with a new mindset for performance improvement.

Top performance can be achieved through synchronizing multiple components that enhances a performance mindset. He focuses on personal performance habits that includes lifestyle, metabolic support, and team logistics to support hockey performance. How a player conducts their daily regimen and how a team conducts their environment is critical to a player and a team's success.  

To learn more about the human metabolism, Evan starting learning about food, human physiology and it's functionality to support a healthy human being. Evan sought experts that are knowledge disciples of Dr. Ray Peat PHD, who's a pioneer in understanding the metabolism and energy production. 

As Evan's passion for performance development continued to grow, he moved to Hungary to work with the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation. During this time, he conducted performance development with their professional clubs and national program. As apart of strategic development, Evan worked in 12 different cities and prepared the national team for their world championship in Budapest. Evan formulated performance growth by understanding the logistics and mindset of the country's hockey culture. The experience brought so much joy to his life as he had the opportunity to connect with players and personnel of all ages. He found that the global hockey community is passionate about this sport more than he ever knew. 

Evan believes in teaching performance development by igniting a person's passion and inner curiosity for knowledge enhancement. Too many players can be let down because they are not always given the support to think creatively about finding solutions to their questions. The more a player can enhance their mindset to an abundance mentality for learning, the more they will find tools that can answer their questions.


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