The Vision

Rise of the Hockey Player comes from the vision of Evan Levy. Working in performance development with the St. Louis Blues Organization and Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation, he became inspired to create a new performance vision for hockey players. 3 of the largest issues that disrupt player performance are LOW ENERGY, RELAXATION DIFFICULTYand RESTFUL SLEEP. Evan has sought out unique methods in all facets of the health wellness, and performance industry that could deliver a unique understanding of performance support. 


Rise of the Hockey Player is about helping every player by learning unique concepts of performance support.  So many players and teams go through FATIGUE and LOW ENERGY that's affecting their performance negatively. Evan is determined to support hockey players all over the world in understanding why many players' performance are suffering. 

Player's Evan's Coached



The energy I had to power through the day was the biggest change. I went from constantly feeling tired and worn down to full of energy and ready to tackle each day. Evan has provided me with guidance that honestly changed my life, without his help, I do not believe I would be an Olympic hopeful for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.



As a young individual getting drafted to the NHL, I was unaware of what to expect or what steps I needed to take in order to get to the next level. Evan guided my process in the sense of nutrition and lifestyle and I would consider him a mentor as I was working my way through college


I struggled with post game sleep for most of my 9 year career, not falling asleep before 5am. Ever since implementing Evan's post game nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, I've been able to fall asleep from the first night I tried it by 1am.



Andre Benoit - Retired NHL Defensemen

Colton Parayko - St. Louis Blues NHL Defensemen

Nicole Hensley - 2018 USA Olympic Team Goalie


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