Having Trouble Sleeping After Games Even Though You're Gassed???

(Above is Zsombor Garat, Hungarian National Team Defensemen)

It can be one of the MOST COMMON PROBLEMS that competitive hockey players face! And that is...

Trouble RELAXING after games and finding healthy SLEEP function...

When a player goes through the CHALLENGES of RELAXATION AFTER GAMES, over and over again...what happens?

You can get an EXHAUSTED and UNDER PERFORMING hockey player!

Are players TIRED of not knowing why they're TIRED???

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Post Game Sleeplessness - The Kryptonite of Hockey Performance


Some Players Evan's Worked With...

Andre Benoit - Retired Professional Hockey Defensemen

“I struggled with post game sleep for most of my 9 year career, not falling asleep before 5am. Ever since implementing Evan's post game nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, I've been able to fall asleep from the first night I tried it by 1am."

Nicole Hensley - 2018 USA Olympic


"The energy I had to power through the day was the biggest change. I went from constantly feeling tired and worn down to full of energy and ready to tackle each day. Evan has provided me with guidance that honestly changed my life, without his help, I do not believe I would be an Olympic hopeful for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games."

Colton Parayko - St. Louis Blues


"As a young individual getting drafted to the NHL, I was unaware of what to expect or what steps I needed to take in order to get to the next level. Evan guided my process in the sense of nutritional and lifestyle and I would consider him a mentor as I was working my way through college"

I'm Evan Levy and I will be your Off-Ice Coach

(This is me at a jamboree for kids in Tatabanya, Hungary... one of my favorite days while working in Hungary.)

I grew up playing hockey in my hometown of St. Louis, MO; however, at the age of 19, it was time to hang up my skates. Coincidentally, I found my new passion in the health field as a personal trainer. 

Over the course of 4 years, I spent every waking moment in and out of the classroom perfecting my skills as a performance coach until I found my way back home to have the privilege of working with my hometown team, the St. Louis Blues

During my 7 years in the Blues organization, my main focus was coaching young draft picks though 'Off Ice' performance development.

After leaving the St. Louis Blues organization in 2017, my passion for development took me across the Atlantic to Hungary; where I had the privilege to work with the Hungarian professional teams and prepare their National Team for World Championships in Budapest. 

Now, let’s go back to a post game scenario for a moment…

You just played 20 minutes….

Or... you stopped 40-50 shots...


Or… you have 3 games in 3 nights....



You’re exhausted! Legs are GASSED and mind is spent. 


And you know you have to get REST because you have another game tomorrow.


As you drive home from the game… you’re already dreading the thought of trying to get rest because you know it’s a NO WIN BATTLE!


Once you get into bed… you just stare at your phone endlessly, or continue watching your favorite television series on Netflix.


Finally, YOU NOD OFF around 2 or 3am.


Phew! Thank goodness.


But wait!


Now you have to wake up at 7am to get ready for a 10am morning skate?!?!

You are thinking to yourself...

“I only got 4 hours of sleep and it’s already game day… AGAIN!”














You slowly crawl out of bed and drag yourself to the rink for morning skate.

Everything in your head is screaming,


'I just want my bed'

'I don't even want to warm up for morning skate.'

Then the fun begins, you step on the ice for morning skate... and is this how you feel:











So many players go through the process of feeling EXHAUSTED the day after a game.

So many players go through this process of having trouble RELAXING after games…


So many players think it’s absolutely hopeless to find optimal RECOVERY.


So many players ask themselves,


“Should I give up? Is it really hopeless?”


Sometimes a player might just think,


“Maybe that’s just how the game of hockey is meant to be. Maybe players are not meant to find sufficient REST after games.”



What if I could tell you that it’s NOT TRUE!


What if I could tell you there’s a way to FIND RELAXATION and BETTER REST after games????


If you know there was a WAY…



Some of you might be thinking.....

"So how does the course work exactly?"

There will be 12 modules that takes you through ALL points of your GAME DAY 

Module 1 - Why the body could be having trouble relaxing after games? Learn about a new mindset of how the body functions when creating energy and finding optimal relaxation.

Module 2 - Digestive Health to Support Energy and Relaxation: Learn about 4 foods and how they effect the energy and relaxation. 

Module 3 - Pre-Bedtime Relaxation Foods: Learn about different types of foods that can support relaxation after games. 

Module 4 - Post Game Meals that can Increase Stress: Learn about different foods that can cause stress and reduce relaxation after games. 

Module 5 - Pre-Bedtime Lifestyle Support: Learn about simple, CHEAP, and effective therapies that can improve relaxation before bed time. 

Module 6 - Post Game Logistics: You will be taken through a step by step mindset of stress reduction upon completion of games. 

Module 7 - The Middle of the Night Stress Relief: You will learn about a hidden area of stress that is rarely discussed. 

Module 8 - Pregame Meals: We will discuss the potential problems with 1 pregame meal and how multiple meals can benefit ENERGY and stress reduction. 

Module 9 - Energy Support in Between Periods: Learn about the benefits of the MICRO HABIT of energy and stress reduction in between periods.

Module 10 - Thoughts on Breakfast: We will go through a different mindset about breakfast and how nutrient replenishment from 'Night Time Stress' can benefit ENERGY and stress reduction.

Module 11 - The Hidden Multivitamin: Learn about a hidden gem for ENERGY and stress reduction that is rarely talked about in hockey performance. 

Module 12 - The Most Important Module: We will bring the whole program together and finalize your mindset support for consistent IMPLEMENTATION and ACTION.

The Layout Is Passive and Easy Like Watching TV! 

Are You Ready to Get Going On Your Modules?

How does this info support a unique skill set?

Here’s the way it works!!!


From the moment you start playing hockey, you are INVESTED with LEARNING SKILLS to become the best player.


What are the main skills you focus on?


Generally, most players focus on becoming a better player on the ice…








Playing games…


And so on…




There’s another skill you should be INVESTING YOUR TIME


Yes… It’s the skill in…




As most players have difficulty relaxing after games...


It makes perfect sense to be INVESTING YOUR SKILLS IN RELAXATION!

During Evan’s 7 years in the St. Louis Blues Organization and working with the Hungarian National Hockey Program, he was able to observe and learn from some of the top hockey players in the world regarding their stress levels and habitual practices.


So what does this mean??


After spending extensive time around top hockey players, he has come up with a formula for hockey a player that can support a UNIQUE SKILL SET!

How To Reduce Stress And Find Better Relaxation After Games And On A Regular Nightly Basis.

“Evan set out to help me with my sleep walking habit and he did just that. I was sleep walking 2 to 3 times a night on a regular basis. Through his knowledge on what could be causing it and the use of proper nutrition and other ideas he limited my sleep walking to only getting up once or twice a week right right of the bat. Now I feel like I have more energy to do my job, because I've been sleeping better and I attribute most of it to Evan.” - Todd Regner, Retired Junior Hockey Player

So how did Evan come across these ideas on how to find better relaxation before bed time?

Evan has always been a curious individual in all facets of life...

So let's just say, he takes a LEARNING PERSPECTIVE through basically any situation he encounters...

Evan developed an excessive urination issue at the age of 24....

Basically, he got to a point where he had to 'PEE' 70x a day at its worst and even found himself sleeping in a bath tub 3 nights in a row (it was easier for him to pee on himself while in the tub and fall asleep without worrying about getting out of his bed every 5 seconds to rush to the bathroom)

As Tony Robbins likes to say, 

"We either learn by desperation or inspiration."

Let's just say, Evan went through both....

Evan became motivated to think outside the box and discover what could be causing his own personal challenges.

He eventually came across the work of Dr. Ray Peat PHD who has revolutionized the health industry the brilliance of his work. 

Long story short, after the first 24 hours Evan's urination went from 70x a day to 15x a day!

And it came from understanding a new mindset of the metabolism.

Evan knew he was onto something in his search for answers. 

He starting studying under multiple mentors and seeking out information in the most unique facets because things kept adding up.

He began coaching hockey players from a different mindset while working in the St. Louis Blues organization and the Hungarian professional teams and National Teams. 

There is a perception of ENERGY production that is being overlooked by many people. 

As many players became interested in LEARNING, many started seeing interesting results that almost seemed too exciting to be TRUE!



So how was something like this possible???

The NUMBER 1 reason.... 

And has to be implemented if you want success with finding more ENERGY AND RELAXATION...


Some of you might be thinking, "Really? That's the secret?!?! Come on."

The information in this course could be unique and new for many... but after going through each module... It's not rocket science.

A good question I like to ask my students, "how much are you willing to be open minded for LEARNING?"

Todd Regner - Retired Junior Hockey Player

Normally, to learn this material through 1-on-1 coaching with Evan has a value of $3000!

However, today you can get an incredible value of 12 modules for just $99!


Offer Expires In:

What if you were never a fan of sitting in a classroom?

Not a problem! This is course is going to be different from traditional forms of education. 

I believe in finding the right methods that are easy and simple for learning.

In working with players,  if a piece of information was too scientific or 'school like'... progress was more difficult.


I like to focus on SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE methods that are easy for people to understand!

Tage Thompson - Buffalo Sabres Forward

"Evan helped me right away, not overwhelming me with a bunch of workouts or nutrition plans. I installed just a couple small changes to my daily regimen that helped me get into a rhythm each day. Eating habits no longer became a chore instead it fit natural into my schedule and I found myself not always stressing about if I was eating enough. I found that I was sleeping better after games from implementing some of the changes to my post game routine."

Adam Musil - St. Louis Blues Prospect Forward

"Working with Evan has been incredible. Before not working with Evan I felt like I didn’t have energy on a day to day basis. With Evans help and just a few minor tweaks helped me tremendously.  I sleep better and wake up with much more energy. I couldn’t believe that adding a couple things into my day to day life would be such a difference maker and I can’t thank Evan enough for his help."

100% Money Back Guarantee

Rise of the Hockey Player offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that we honor with all our customers. 


We know you are going to love this program, so sign up with confidence today and know that you are getting great information backed by a guarantee. 

What are you waiting for?!

Are You Ready To Separate Yourself From Other Players That Do Not INVEST IN THEIR RELAXATION SKILLS?

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